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A Revitalizing Recovery Experience

Montgomery Subacute and Respiratory Center is proud to introduce a whole new level of specialized post acute and long term care for ventilator-dependent patients throughout the region.

Nestled in the heart of Montgomery County just northwest of Philadelphia, our skilled nursing facility cares exclusively for vent patients and offers a comprehensive continuum of specialized care including ventilator management and weaning, skilled nursing, hemodialysis, dementia care, and wound care.

With full-center renovations planned for the very near future, we are proud to be Rehabbing Care™ at Montgomery!

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Subacute Ventilator Rehab

This specialized program was designed to meet the post acute care needs of patients who require ventilator assistance either long-term or temporarily – with a focus on ventilator weaning, stabilization and rehabilitation. We deliver cutting-edge therapies that are available up to 7 days a week and our interdisciplinary team works to promote positive outcomes with a minimal length of stay.

Long Term Care

At Montgomery, we are committed to caring for the elderly with compassion and respect while preserving their dignity and independence.

Our highly trained nursing home staff provides 24-hour care with an emphasis on fostering our residents’ independence and encouraging family members and friends to be active participants in their loved one’s daily life.

Respite Care

Our solution-driven Respite Care service aims to provide you with a temporary break from your caregiving responsibilities. Whether it’s a break in the form of a few days off, a family vacation, or a special event… we have you covered. Our professional team is standing by to provide your loved one with exemplary skilled nursing care.

  • Subacute Ventilator Rehab

  • Long Term Care

  • Respite Care

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Our 60-bed nursing home boasts an array of amenities and offers a holistic, person-centered approach to healthcare. Staffed by licensed nursing and respiratory staff around the clock, our skilled nursing facility is dedicated to meeting the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of all our patients and residents. Our compassionate team of professionals strives to enrich and enhance the quality of life of each individual entrusted to our care.

Easing Your Transition From Hospital To Home


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Your Optimum Health

Rehabbing Care is who we are and what we do. Our singular goal is to accelerate your return home.


A Heightened Approach To Every Point Of Care

We are living in unprecedented times. Unprecedented care delivery is our resulting mission.


Personalized Attention that Optimizes Medical Outcomes

Care Navigation™ is a collaborative approach to the coordination of YOUR care.


There When You
Need It Most

The Urgent SNF™ Service supports a global healthcare expectation for the right provision of care in the right place at the right time.


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Enjoy being part of a valued team where personal advancement and the development of skills are respected and where you will feel appreciated.

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