Dr. Meis


Dr. Meis, the dedicated pulmonologist at Montgomery, specializes in caring for pulmonary patients. Collaborating closely with the Respiratory Therapy team and the attending physician, Dr. Meis ensures the optimal pulmonary status of patients while providing updates and answering families’ questions. Motivated by personal experiences with Cystic Fibrosis in his niece and nephew, Dr. Meis developed a profound interest in pulmonary diseases from a young age. Together with a Nurse Practitioner, he maximizes patients’ pulmonary status, striving for outcomes such as liberation from a ventilator or trach removal. Dr. Meis finds immense reward in witnessing the remarkable improvement of patients, from their initial admission at LTAC to ultimately walking out of Montgomery and returning home.

Dr. Blom

Wound Care Specialist

Dr. Blom is a dedicated surgeon specializing in wound care, delivering comprehensive on-site services to Montgomery residents. Inspired by a lifelong ambition to become a surgeon, he is passionate about providing immediate relief to individuals in acute distress through definitive procedures. Driven by personal experiences with family members in skilled nursing facilities, he was profoundly moved by the care and compassion they received during challenging times. This motivated him to contribute to the well-being of this vulnerable patient population by offering highly specialized services directly to them. In the upcoming year, Dr. Blom aims to expand Montgomery’s on-site wound program, promoting it within the community and to referral partners, emphasizing that all complex respiratory patients with wound issues in Eastern Pennsylvania belong at Montgomery.

Kevin Hammel

Pulmonary Nurse Practitioner

Kevin Hammel, Pulmonary Nurse Practitioner, collaborates with Dr. Meis to manage respiratory care for patients at Montgomery. Inspired by caring for a family member on a ventilator, Kevin finds fulfillment in helping patients at Montgomery be weaned from ventilators, enabling some to reunite with their loved ones at home. The happiness of patients upon returning home and the joy derived from working with them drive Kevin’s commitment to achieving more patient liberation from ventilators and fostering reunions with families.

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