As one of Pennsylvania’s premier respiratory care facilities, we are committed to caring for our pulmonary comprised residents with compassion and respect, while preserving their dignity and independence.

Our highly trained staff provides 24-hour respiratory and nursing home care with an emphasis on fostering our residents’ independence and encouraging family members and friends to be active participants in their loved one’s daily life.

Our comprehensive treatment and individualized care programs are designed to support the full potential of each resident. Our skilled nursing and medical care capabilities include a full range of on-site advanced clinical services including ventilator care, facility-wide oxygen, hemodialysis, restorative therapy, pain management, wound care, IV therapy, respite and palliative care.

Day-to-day living is enriched by our recreation program – that enhances older adults’ wellbeing by providing them with camaraderie and daily stimulation, making them feel at home in the community.

Comfort, Experience & Engagement:

  • 24-Hour Hospitality Line Availability to Residents and Family Members – Ensuring all the Comforts of Home
  • Life Enriching Activities Programming catering to all Functional Levels
  • In-Center Television Network
  • Interactive RESTORE Therapy Program
  • Diverse Menu & Dining Services to Accommodate All Taste Preferences
  • Life Loop Technology: Interactive Web-Based Technology allowing for Family Connectivity in their Loved One’s Daily Activities
  • Care Safely Approach to Care Provision guided and directed by Infectious Disease Specialists

Medical Access & Health Care Communication:

  • Multi-Specialty Physician Access
  • Psychiatry / Psychotherapy Onsite Services
  • In-Center Multi-Discipline Therapy Offerings based on Skilled Needs of Resident
  • Quarterly Resident Wellness Review with Family Provided by Medical Staff
  • Monthly Medical Director Call offering Center Level Updates and Q & A Opportunity

Resources & Support:

  • Medicaid Specialist to support all Financial Guidance Needs
  • Family Matters Program
  • Visitation & Connectivity via Scheduled Visits and Virtual Support by our Life Enrichment Teams to keep our residents engaged with family members & loved ones

Easing Your Transition From Hospital To Home


Rehabilitating You To
Your Optimum Health

Rehabbing Care is who we are and what we do. Our singular goal is to accelerate your return home.


A Heightened Approach To Every Point Of Care

We are living in unprecedented times. Unprecedented care delivery is our resulting mission.


Personalized Attention that Optimizes Medical Outcomes

Care Navigation™ is a collaborative approach to the coordination of YOUR care.


There When You
Need It Most

The Urgent SNF™ Service supports a global healthcare expectation for the right provision of care in the right place at the right time.


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Enjoy being part of a valued team where personal advancement and the development of skills are respected and where you will feel appreciated.

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