Respiratory Rehab
Case tudy

This 56-year-old female admitted to Montgomery Subacute and Respiratory Center following a stay at Jefferson Torresdale Hospital with Vent Dependent Respiratory Failure as a result of Sepsis Pneumonia and Acute Renal Failure; S/P Kidney transplant in 2015. She is admitted requiring a ventilator, Tracheostomy and PEG tube after requiring several months of Hospital Level Care.

Nursing Interventions:

Wound Healing – Sacrum – RESOLVED
Parental Nutrition – Upgraded to full PO Diet- PEG TUBE REMOVED RESOLVED
Treat Infection – Bacteremia; IV Avycaz – RESOLVED
Maintain Patent Foley – Advance Voiding Trials – Successful; Foley Removed; RESOLVED
Monitor Labs and Vitals

Respiratory Interventions: Led by Pulmonologist Dr. Gerald Meis

Ventilator Weaning – GOAL MET
Maintain Patent Airway – Wean as tolerated – GOAL MET
Maintain Adequate Oxygenation-Wean as tolerated – GOAL MET

Nephrology Interventions: Led by Nephrologist Dr. William McElhaugh

Diuretic Titration, Electrolyte Monitoring, Iron Studies, and ESA Therapy


  • Successfully weaned from ventilator and trach weaned shortly thereafter
  • Wound Healed
  • Peg Tube Removed
  • Foley No Longer Required
  • No interruption in Stay

The Teams Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Care has allowed the patient to gain the strength to ambulate 250 feet and ascend and descend 15 stairs. She discharged home with her husband and continues to be followed by PCP Dr. Wheeler Maxwell, Delaware Valley Nephrology and Home Health.

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